Dear Buyer

We bought this home in the spring of 1994. Our daughters were three years old and we wanted a home that each child would be able to have her own bedroom. The bedrooms were just about the same size and there was a fourth bedroom we could use as an office/guest bedroom. The neighborhood was full of working families like ours and there were many children ranging from toddlers to teens. The amazing thing about the neighborhood was that the children would go door to door picking up kids to be on “capture the flag teams”. The older kids would look after the younger kids.

Everyone was included, the families were friendly but not invasive and we did have a few neighborhood parties. I loved the layout of the house as my children grew up because the kitchen was perfect to gather in after school do homework discuss everyones day, as I prepared dinner. When the girls became teenagers the family room was perfect for them while the adults could remain in the living room office on the first floor close enough to monitor far enough away to give them privacy. The girls would have loved us to redo the basement but we preferred to use it as storage and not another room.

If I would have used foresight I might have made a three season room by enclosing the deck but we just placed a table and chairs for dinner outside in the summer as well as a quiet place to read. The twenty-six years in this house have consisted of a fabulous place to raise our family. The schools in Guilderland usually rate fairly high and we had one child her was in need of special services throughout her academic career. She graduated from college and is a registered nurse.

I am leaving this beautiful home to relocate close to one of my children so that as I age they will not have to travel so far to see me. I wish that you have as many memorable years in the house as I have had over the last twenty six years.

-Cheri Rubin